Meet our new pergola range ‘Aspire’.

The Aspire is a lovely new range of classic pergolas similar in style to our popular Vista range with an attractive price point. So, what makes it different?

At first glance it has all the style and elegance of the classic Vista. It is built with the same sturdy aluminium frame and has the same stylish aluminium louvred roof but there are some key differences. 

The size – the Aspire has a limitation on sizes to four metres in width against the larger Vista model which if you need to fit certain widths might rule it out but for many customers a four metre pergola will be more than adequate and most sizes up to this will be perfect for a small terrace or patio. 

The colours – the Aspire has a more limited selection of colours than the Vista and other pergola models as standard but there is the option to choose from our selection of custom colours and wood look finishes the same as our other ranges. Our louvres also have a limited range with the Aspire as standard but again custom colours can be chosen for an additional cost.

The Aspire still has an electric motor included as standard which operates the louvres and zip blinds should you choose to add them. It also has the option to add accessories such as glazing, heating, weather sensors and lighting at an additional cost.

The Aspire provides all the style of the Vista for a more budget conscious audience without losing any of the essential features that make a pergola such an attractive proposition for many people. We expect the Aspire will become a firm favourite with customers and will bring the elegance and practicality that a pergola adds to any outdoor space to more and more homes.

If you’d like to know more about the Aspire just check our new Aspire section on this site or down load the brochure. If you have any questions just contact us by using the contact form or give us a ring and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, book an appointment with us at our fabulous new showroom in Driffield and you can see some of our pergola models in situ and have a chat with Charlie who’ll help you get on the road to your own special place!

Why get a Pergola?

What makes a pergola a better buy than an awning or indeed a conservatory? What makes them different? And what will make a pergola a better addition to my home or business?

These are questions many of our customers ask themselves before taking the plunge and buying one of our pergolas. Just what makes a pergola ‘different’?

A pergola is the bridge between indoors and outdoors. 

Unlike a conservatory you can adjust the roof to let the sun in or shade against the rain, you can pull back our top quality sliding glazing on a sunny summer day or slide it shut on cooler days. Like a conservatory it can be fitted with heating, lighting, music and blinds but you always feel at any moment it can become more like a mediterranean terrace.

An awning can have appeal as it’s often cheaper than a pergola but models like our ‘Simple’ and ‘Pro Air’ are surprisingly affordable and much sturdier than an awning they also have the option to fit blinds as well as lighting and a heater.

Our pergolas are very sturdy too and can stand up to rain, wind and even snow weight which makes them useable all year something an awning isn’t always suitable for. They also come with weather sensors to help you adjust your pergola to suit whatever the weather decides to do that day!

With a sturdy aluminium frame our pergolas are built to last and they are stylish too. They come in a wide range of finishes for both the frame and the roof including custom colours and a range of ‘wood look’ finishes that combine all the style of a natural wood pergola without a can of wood stain  in sight! And the roofs whether fabric or aluminium louvres come in lovely contrasting or matching colours that perfectly complement any architectural style.

They can be built freestanding or attached to a structure. Whether you have a standalone terrace or a patio our pergolas can be built in different settings – even on a balcony! Unlike awnings they don’t need to attach to a wall or be part of your home like a conservatory. They make beautiful garden room retreats or even secluded home offices.

They’re particularly suitable for commercial use where more space is needed outdoors but you need a degree of comfort not offered by an awning and more airflow than a conservatory. Somewhere that can be used as an extension for a busy restaurant or a trendy bar – where you could sit and eat or dance the night away!

Have everything you need at your fingertips with our remote controls. Need lighting? Why not have it change colour? Feeling a bit chilly? Put the heaters on. Sun come out? Let’s pull back the roof! Need more privacy? Down with the blinds. Feel like a bit of music? Turn on your favourite tunes with the bluetooth speakers.

A pergola becomes a space where anything can happen from a lazy Sunday afternoon barbecue in summer to a starry night watching the fireworks in November. What could yours become?

Are you convinced yet?

Take a look at our range and let your imagination take you where pergolas make special places…

Autumn Elegance

As we near the end of August and the days start getting shorter, summer holidays are over and the children start back at school summer can feel like it’s already over. It’s easy to miss those glorious early Autumn days when the sun is still warm and the evening still not chilly enough to drive us inside – just yet!

At Yorkshire Pergolas we believe in making the most of every season and Autumn is no exception! With a pergola you can make the most of those wonderful late summer and early Autumn days when the sun can be as warm as in the summer and although the nights are drawing in and getting a bit chilly lights and heaters will help you make the most of the evenings too.

The Autumn evenings can often be spectacular with clear skies and cool starry nights that make late barbecues and drinks in the evening something to be savoured. With many people discovering the joys of fire pits having somewhere to retreat when the fire burns low but you don’t want to end the evening makes a pergola an ideal option.

Many of our pergolas are glazed so they can be used all year round and our robust but stylish sliding glazing provides the perfect haven to enjoy Autumn. Add lights and heating and it becomes a cosy place to enjoy all that Autumn has to offer. Adding blinds, sliding panels or tracked shutters can also add privacy when the nights draw in and you have your pergola lights on as well as providing shade in the summer.

With adjustable roofs in fabric and aluminium louvres the odd shower as the seasons change can’t drive you indoors. Enjoying every season of the year is now easy with a pergola. Simply, tilt or pull back the roof in sunny conditions or flick a switch and quickly and easily the roof closes to shelter you from that pesky shower!

So, lets look forward to Halloween and Bonfire night and those gorgeous Autumn days watching the leaves fall from the trees!

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to choosing your pergola one of the most important considerations will be where it is located on your property. It determines the model you’ll choose and often how you’re going to use it.

So, before you start browsing our brochure get a pen and paper and have a think about where the pergola will go on your property – having a walk round and a good look at potential sites may help too!

One important question is – do you want it to be freestanding or attached to your property? Most of our pergolas come with the option to be both but some only attach to a wall so bear that in mind when choosing. Some like the Loft style have a gable end styling and can be only suitable on certain styles of property so you’ll need to make sure there’s suitable clearance to fit that style.

Do you have a site which is already prepared with a hardstanding or patio to form a suitable floor or will you need to make one? A pergola needs to stand on a suitable hard surface with good drainage (you don’t want to be ankle deep when it rains!). Engaging a qualified local tradesman to help you do this is a good idea, tell them what you’re planning to do and they’ll be able to help you. If you need more advice give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll be able to help with any details you may be unsure of.

A good idea may be to look at the site’s exposure to the elements. Is it on an exposed spot where wind damage could be a problem? Or is it in a nice sunny sheltered spot where it gets protection from other properties, trees and the shelter of your property? The amount of sun a spot gets is an important consideration for a pergola as you’ll be using it a lot during the warmer months and you want to enjoy it as much as possible, your roof and the zip blinds you can optionally fit provide you with light control. 

Are you going to want to fit lights, heaters and automate your blinds or even add music? You’ll need to consider how to get an electrical supply to your pergola and this will likely come from your property (unless you’re adventurous enough to consider solar or a generator!). Yorkshire Pergolas don’t do the electrical fitting we just fit the lights etc to an existing supply so you’ll need to get a qualified local contractor to look at how to get a supply to your pergola. This might need a bit more consideration if you want a freestanding model which isn’t attached to your property. Tell them what you’re planning to do and if you need any more help just call us and we’ll help you with any trickier details.

Is your location big enough for what you want? It’s no good planning a pergola to contain a hot tub if the hot tub is bigger than the proposed pergola! Measure anything you’d like in the pergola and work out if there’s enough space for it, remember to leave plenty of space to move around – nobody wants to have to climb over furniture!

Are there any obstructions that might make it difficult to fit a pergola? we can fit around some existing fittings/obstructions but there are some that we can’t – after all you really don’t want your central heating boiler venting into your pergola! So, make a note and take a photo of anything that might make it difficult to fit a pergola in your chosen location and get in touch – we’ll be able to tell you if we can fit round it or if your location needs to move. Remember, we’re very good at finding ways to fit pergolas but there are some locations which can’t be done – just ask us if you’re unsure!

Are you fitting a commercial pergola? This needs careful consideration and the first one is if you are leasing a property do you have the permission of the freeholder to do what you’re planning to do? This needs to be in writing and all formally agreed – you don’t want to have to dismantle it! If you’ve got the go ahead or you are the freeholder you’ll need to consider the space you have and how you’re going to use it and the capacity. You need to look at fire regulations, exits and current social distancing guidelines. If you’re unsure on any of these your local council can often help. You’ll also need to consider all the other points above as they apply to commercial properties too.

Once you’re sure you’ve got the perfect space to install your pergola then is when the fun begins choosing your style, colour and accessories to make it unique to you, so, grab that brochure and browse away!

Autumn Days

Ok, it doesn’t feel like it’s been much of a summer but we have had some lovely bright days and autumn although spelling the end of summer has its attractions too. Often there can be bright days right up until winter sets in and a morning with a slight chill early on can turn into a bright day where sitting in the sun is is truly pleasant.

A pergola can extend this pleasure well into the autumn and indeed the winter. Most of our pergola models come with the option to add heating, lighting and glazing which can make even a chilly autumn morning a time to enjoy.

Extending your use of your pergola is something you’ll be keen to once you’ve started to enjoy your outside space and that doesn’t need to stop once the days start to shorten. The roofs of our pergolas are weather proof to a very high standard and adding weather sensors can help you manage using your pergola whatever the elements throw at you! Our roofs are rainproof, windproof and can even carry a high snow load. They’re also adjustable so you can let in that lovely autumn sunshine or open to stargaze on a clear autumn night.

Heaters can make staying out a pleasure on even colder nights and with lighting it makes your pergola the perfect place to watch the fireworks from on Guy Fawkes night or maybe you can create your own Halloween witches cottage…so many ways to enjoy being in your outside space! Late summer barbecues become an appealing prospect and a way to extend the seasons you use your pergola.

Using lighting means as the nights draw in you can still use your outdoor space and adding things like solar lights to add brightness to a garden or mark out a path. We have different lighting options including coloured lighting to suit any style or mood and adding options like bluetooth music can turn your pergola into a place to entertain all year round.

Adding zip blinds provides shading in summer but can also provide privacy on autumn evenings and a measure of insulation too. Adding warm throws to summer furniture can also make the pergola feel cosy and enjoying a serving of a winter soup in comfort makes the autumn days something to be savoured.

So, extend your summer and discover autumn with a pergola…

Being Practical

A pergola is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make so you’ll want to get it right. Giving a bit of thought to how you’ll use your pergola and the space you want to put it in can make the whole process much easier. So, grab a pen and paper and make a few notes before you decide on your pergola.

  1. Where will you pergola be sited? Do you have an existing patio/terrace where it can be fitted or will you need groundworks? Yorkshire Pergolas don’t do the groundworks so you’ll need to get a qualified local contractor to do this…
  2. Will it be wall mounted or freestanding? Are there any existing obstacles which may either prevent fitting or need to be planned around? A photo of the site can help us tell you whether a pergola can be fitted and if we need to work around anything.
  3. How big will your pergola be? Our pergolas are modular so we can fit different sizes from the small to the very large. One consideration is the space but also fitting furniture and other accessories into it can be something you need to bear in mind. Is it going to be a small home office, a space for entertaining or an extension to a busy restaurant?
  4. Are you going to want to use it all year round or mainly spring and summer? If you want to use it in the colder months you’re going to need heating, lighting and glazing. Some of our pergolas have a higher resistance to adverse weather conditions than others so consider the weather in your area. Weather sensors help control your pergolas response to wind and rain.
  5. Are you going to fit heating, lighting and music? If you just need a basic pergola without automation we have manual models but if you want to add accessories you’ll need to consider an electrical supply. This needs to be set up before you fit the pergola so you’ll need the help of a qualified contractor.
  6. If you’re a commercial customer you may need to check out your lease and fire regulations as well. Not everywhere can fit a pergola safely or legally so if in doubt – check it out!

If you’ve considered all these points and are pretty certain that you can fit a pergola and you’ve checked out our handy guides all that you need to do is browse our brochure and decide the style you’d like and give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll help you do the rest.

Making your Pergola Something Special

A pergola is a big investment and you’re likely to want to make it unique to your lifestyle and use your outdoor space. 

Selecting your frame and roof colours are the first step. Our pergolas come in a variety of lovely standard colours and other custom styles and finishes can be selected, our frames even come in a wood look finish that brings you all the style of a wooden pergola but with more durability and not a can of wood stain in sight! Our roofs come with a selection of 2 options depending on the style you choose – louvres or fabric, again there are a selection of standard or custom colours. We particularly love the combination of a contrasting frame and roof – whichever option you choose it can look stunning.

Adding lights, glazing, heaters and music further enhances the experience and means you can use the pergola for a whole host of different uses. But personalising needn’t stop there.

Planning your look can be a lot of fun and have practical points too. Furnishing your pergola to provide seating areas can range from luxurious to inexpensive. Many stores like John Lewis or the Range have some beautiful styles to choose from and accessories which can create anything from a Moroccan bazaar look to a beach bar. Painting the wall your pergola lies against if it’s wall mounted can also add a splash of colour.

Plants can be a lovely accessory and since many pergolas will be built on patios and terraces creating a container garden around them can brighten up the space in summer and clever use of some evergreens can keep it looking verdant even in winter. Some plants such as herbs also smell lovely on a sunny patio and of course they are useful to add to a whole array of lovely dishes. Rosemary for example can be added to roost chestnuts along with salt and fennel seeds. Basil is great for Italian dishes and also has an added bonus of keeping those pesky flies at bay.

So, get set for summer and plan your escape into the outdoors by planning how you’ll decorate your’s just a call away!

A Home Pergola

A Home Pergola

This handy guide helps you in planning how to choose and plan for your pergola. It will help you decide on your site, having measurements ready and all the things you may need to consider before you have your consultation. It also speeds things up as you’ll have all the things we need to know ready before we see you.

Commercial Pergolas

Commercial Pergolas

When you need a pergola for a commercial premises such as a bar or restaurant the process for planning one is a little different but with our handy guide you can take care of all the details you need to find out before you give us a call and have a consultation with Charlie. The guide covers answers to most of the important things you need to consider. If you’re unsure or can’t find some details you can give us a call and we’ll help you through the process.